Complex contacts filter

I want to make contact filter (for a segment) of the form
A and B and (C or D or E)
There seems to be no way to group (C or D or E).
A and B and C or D or E groups like (A and B and C) or D or E

Is there a way to group logical subexpressions? I couldn’t find anything on this.



Hi @daveb , thanks for posting on this community!

Indeed, I don’t think it is possible to do this. Though, what you can do is:

  • create segment 1: A and B
  • create segment 2: C or D or E

And then if you want to group them, for example in an automation:

  • trigger can be a filter based on segment 1
  • and then you can add a condition based on a filter based on segment 2

What do you think?

Thanks for that reply. I think your suggestion would work. Keeping it all in one filter expression can work, too, but you have to duplicate some conditions, which Is what I’ve done a little. So
A and B and (C or D) becomes
(A and B and C) or (A and B and D)



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Indeed, your solution is maybe more elegant!