Contact not exiting the automation even though exit conditions are met [automation engine downtime]

Hi team,

I am struggling to understand why a contact isn’t exiting a specific automation I have, even though the conditions I’ve set for exiting are being met.

The exit condition: Essentially every contact should exit AutomationA if they are added to a specific ContactListA, but despite being in ContactListA, this contact is still not exiting AutomationA.

I wonder if anyone could help me debug this?

PS: Unsure if at all related, but for this specific user there was something off with automations going on when this user made a purchase with us. In this case, despite making a purchase, it took over 30 minutes for the automation to kick in and send any emails out to the user (this happened on April 02 5:42 PM UK time). Unsure if this malfunction in the automation engine may have led to the exit conditions not being evaluated. That said, the user has now passed a few additional nodes in the automation and is still not exiting it (despite again, exit conditions being met).

PS2: I’ll soon have to manually remove this user from the automation, as the kind of emails the user is receiving make no sense for someone who has already made a purchase with us. Wanted to pass the question before doing that to allow for some debugging.

Hi @patonbrevo , thanks for your post.

despite being in ContactListA, this contact is still not exiting AutomationA

An exit condition is triggered when the event happens.
In this case, if contact is in one given list when the automation starts, then the condition « contact is added » is not met, as contact is already in this list.
What you should do for this is an If condition:

  • « If contact is in list A »: then nothing happens
  • if it is not, do this or that action

Did I get your question well?

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Hi there @ahudavert , thanks for that. I understand what happened now.

[Some Background]: This automation has run hundreds of times for our other users without issues. AutomationA is kicked off always when the user is added to the first list at bottom, then if they make a purchase the user is added to ContactListA (and another automation kicks off to send them emails). Being added to ContactListA then removes the user from AutomationA. [End of Background]

Around April 02 5:42 PM UK time, something happened with the automation engine (it failed) and took over 30min to kick off and send emails off (at least 30min downtime of Brevo’s automation engine). See red arrow in my illustration: the automation should have happened at the end of that arrow (but emails were only sent off Apr 2, 2024 6:17 PM).

The user here was added to ContactListA (as intended) but since the automation only kicked off some 30 min later (Apr 2, 2024 6:17 PM) the user was then « already in the list » and not « added to the list » so the exit condition was not met.

So, sadly because the automation engine failed that day (all status were then however fully operational on then our automation didn’t deliver the designed workflow and this specific user got all sorts of non applicable emails.

A suggestion (should the automation engine continue having downtimes): Two exit condition alternatives should be made available of either « being added » to a list and « already be part of a list ». Reason: Using If conditions would be near impossible for us/many as in some workflows we have 5 exit conditions and having these evaluated at each node of a long automation with several steps would make the automation really hard to understand/debug (prone to errors and unmanageable).

My way to solve this specific user’s case was to manually remove the user from the workflow. This obviously can’t be done at scale.

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