Continue an automation

What is the best way to continue an automation? I have three emails done and I want to start it, and keep adding new emails (steps) to it. There has to be a trick I am missing about how to do this without moving contacts to a new group to start another automation. If I add a new email to an automation once it has started, will it pick up there and continue? I really need some guidance here is this is keeping me from really harnessing the power of Brevo. Thank you.

Hi Neil,

Hope you’re well. If there’s no exit or restart at your workflow’s end, contacts will simply finish after the last step.

For more on this, check out:

In simple terms, you can set rules to decide what happens to contacts who’ve gone through your workflow once. This way, you can have them restart if needed.

Without knowing all the details of your email drip setup, that’s the best advice I can give. Need more clarity? I’m here to chat!

I appreciate your response. How do you handle this? Do you chain together multiple automations, or just plan WAAAAAAAY ahead on your email content. Thank you for responding.

Hi Neil, edits in automation workflows is something we’re working on to make them clearer.

If I’m not wrong, in this case, if you’re adding an email to an existing workflow, contacts who haven’t finished the automation yet should receive it.

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Thnak you. Any clarification or help notes on automations would be amazing!