Critical Issue with Email Sending Permissions

I need to bring up a critical issue I’ve run into with the email sending permissions in Brevo. Right now, it looks like any user can send emails from any connected inbox, which is causing some serious headaches.

Issue Description:

In our current setup, we have multiple agents who have connected their inboxes to Brevo. However, I discovered that anyone can send emails from any other user’s connected inbox. For example, I can send emails as my colleague Denis, and vice versa. This is a huge security and privacy concern for me.

Why This is a Big Problem:

  1. Privacy Violation: The ability to send emails from another user’s inbox without their consent is a major violation of privacy. This can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information and breach of confidentiality.
  2. Risk of Miscommunication: If emails are sent from the wrong inbox, it can cause confusion and miscommunication with our clients. Clients may receive emails from someone they did not intend to communicate with, damaging trust and professional relationships.
  3. Accountability Issues: When multiple users can send emails from the same inbox, it becomes difficult to track accountability. This can lead to challenges in managing customer interactions and internal workflow.
  4. Compliance Concerns: Many industries have strict regulations regarding data privacy and security. Allowing users to send emails from any inbox may put us at risk of non-compliance with these regulations.

I think the solution should ensure that when an agent is logged into their account they can only send emails from their own inbox, or at least give some way to manage access control. This restriction is crucial to maintain the integrity and security of our communications.

I’ve just started enrolling all our SDR’s onto Brevo, but they won’t be able to use this feature as is.

Hello @Stidge, thanks for your message, as you have been talking to @boris.rieunier this week, we are currently studying the possibilities for your issue. We will keep you posted.

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