Best practice with Brevo Emails


I have linked my emails to Brevo. Now all my emails appear also in Brevo. How do you deal with them ? I mean I maintain my outlook inbox by deleting/archaving messages. Do I need to do this action twice now? As when I delete a message in outlook it is still in Brevo. Does it mean I also need to do an action here? That would mean do the work twice, not ideal.


Hello @Franck_Barroso,

Thanks for your message. Indeed today, we do not synchronize actions between your provider and Conversations but this is discussed and we track our users’ feedbacks.

Once you connected your mailbox to Conversations, we suggest you to manage your emails from there and keep your mailbox on your provider side as an archive.

Concerning « Now all my emails appear also in Brevo », note that we are currently working on a feature to let you choose which emails you want to receive in Brevo (depending on your existing contacts or your provider’s categories).

I hope it helps you.