Receiver Email Response Trigger

I need to use a trigger in my automations but I can’t.
I created a sequence of 3 emails, if the recipient responds to my email I want it to be automatically be removed from my list, because I’ll engage with them personally from this point and don’t want them to receve the rest of the emails.
I’m not finding an email activity trigger for when the email is replied to.
Can anyone help me?

Hi @fabio, thanks for posting on this community!

Indeed, it is not possible to follow this event, because we don’t have access to your inbox. I’m trying to know if it is doable if you sync your email with Brevo; maybe @qlambert you know?

Hi @ahudavert

Thank you for your return.

Hope @qlambert might help us.

I had the answer: unfortunately, it’s not possible to track this kind of thing, at least for the moment. But your need has been shared to the concerned teams.

Hello @fabio @ahudavert ,

Sorry for my late reply.
Unfortunately, I confirm this is not something we offer today. But we’re going to be reworking our automation feature this year, so I’ll add your feedback to our user request list.

Hello @fabio @ahudavert,

Thank you for the answer.

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