How to build this automation? (feature request)

Hello, is it possible to build this automation?

If a contact replies with « KEYWORD » via email or Instagram messenger, add them to a specific list and run an automation.

Thanks - this automation is very important for marketers nowadays.

Also oddly there is no option for triggering automations off of Whatsapp / SMS / FB / IG which kinda defeats the purpose of having Conversations right here in Brevo. Example if Contact replies by SMS, trigger an automation… kinda like Go High Level / Active Campaign

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Hello @raelyn ,

Thanks for posting on this community!

In your case, you would like to be able to track either the channel used to reply or what the contact would say, right? @qlambert do you know if this is possible?

Hello @raelyn and @ahudavert,

You would like to create an automation based on keywords and more globally, automation for socials (as we call them on Conversations side), emails and SMS.
Unfortunately, neither keyword triggers nor automation for socials/emails are possible in Conversations. SMS is not a channel.

But next year we plan to rework our automation features on Conversations, so I will add your request to our user requests list.

thanks @qlambert ! So not possible for the moment unfortunately.

But @raelyn hopefully this will be possible soon, as this is a very interesting need, and technically, this should be feasible on our side.

As we will move forward on this topic, we may contact you to understand more deeply your need, because this kind of feedback is very valuable to us, so thanks again for posting on this community, this is very valuable to us.

Good to know this is being worked on, this would be a very valuable feature!

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