I would like to create an automation but am not sure if it is possible

I need to create an automation that goes like this: the trigger would be a user filling out a form. Then, the automation would fill out an email template based on the data the user filled in the form. Then, the email would be sent to a group of other users, that are in a contact list, but the contacts would be filtered. Basically, the user filling out the template would not necessarily receive the email as well. The original user filling out the template is supposed to be an internal worker that basically sends a request to have an email be sent to certain customers that will be filtered based on their topics of interest. would something like this be possible?

Hi @SofiaD , thanks for posting on this community!

Let me add @sylvain here, so that he can take a look as well

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Hello @SofiaD !

I’ll have to dig a bit on this, I’ll give you a feedback by early next week :slight_smile:

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