Automation campaign for contacts, that are interested

I have an existing contact list and I want to deliver an automation to whoever is interested in it. I don’t want to invite my contacts to fill out another form, and I don’t want to trigger the automation for everyone. Only those, who are interested, should receive the automation mails. I thought about sending a newsletter with an announcement and then set up a trigger for everyone who clicks the link in this announcement. But then again: If those people want to stop the automation, how would this work?
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Hi @Philipp , thanks for posting on this community!

I have a question: how will you know who is interested in it?

I have a solution, tell me if it works for you:

  • you send a campaign
  • inside it, you place a link like « Click here if you’re interested »
  • and then you create an automation whose starting point will be « People who clicked on the link »

What do you think?

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Hey @ahudavert, thank you very much for your reply! Yes, your suggestion is exactly what I meant with « I thought about sending a newsletter with an announcement and then set up a trigger for everyone who clicks the link in this announcement. »

BUT: In my plans, this would start an automation, which will send 5 educational mails in 5 days. What if someone wants to cancel this automation? How does someone, who doesn’t want to participate anymore, stop the automation?

ALSO: I want newcomers to be able to join the educational course immediately. I thought about having an extra form to fill out for the course + entry to the newsletter. Should I work with segments here? Add them to the normal contact list and tag them with the « course » segment?

Thank you!

Perfect then! About your questions:

  • you can include an unsubscription link in your template, so that contact won’t receive emails any more if they click on it

  • you can add a second entry point to the same automation, like « Contact is added to a list », so that once a contact fills in the form, it is added to the list and starts the automation as well

Could that work?

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Hey @ahudavert, thank you!

Does this unsubscription only count for the automation or the whole contact list?

When a contact unsubscribes, he/she does not receive the emails any more.
So the unsubscription is for this contact specifically, but after unsubscribing, they won’t receive any emails

Does the unsubscription count for all or only for certain lists? I am thinking about working with separate contact lists, one for newsletters and one for the automation. Someone who clicks the « I am interested in the automation » link, would land on the automation list. If that person then decides to unsubscribe again, it would only unsubscribe him/her from the automation list. Would that work?

Actually the unsubscription is not based upon the lists: a contact can be unsubscribed from campaigns and / or from transactional emails.

In the case of automation, if a contact unsubscribes from your emails, she won’t receive the transactional emails any more, but will receive the campaigns.

More details can be found here:

Does this reply to your question?

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Thank you for the response! Please let me summarize so that you can make sure I understood correctly:

I send a campaign, where I advertise my educational automation. This contains a link with « Yes, I am interested. Sign me up! »
I create the automation with two triggers: one for receivers who clicked the link of said campaign and another for a dedicated sign-up form. This form will also add leads to my contact list for newsletters, a.k.a. e-mail campaigns.
If someone receiving the automation mails (which count as transactional mails) decides to unsubscribe from the automation, they will only be blocklisted for transactional mails. I can still reach them via my newsletter.

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Absolutely, that’s correct!

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