Automation to certain locations only?

Hi, wanting to move across from mailchimp but can’t work out if this is possible:

When a new contact is added to my list, I want to send them a ‹ welcome automation › of 5 emails. I have a different ‹ welcome automation › for each language the contact is learning - how can I set up a welcome automation that only gets sent to a contact when they join a list AND they are learning language X for example (language_learning is a custom attribute my contacts have)

Hi @lange , thanks for posting on this community!

If I got your need correctly, I think this solution could help you.
First, create a segment that checks all the contacts for which language_learning is equal to this or that value.
If you don’t know yet how to create a segment, you can learn more here:

You can set up an automation like this:

  • entry point: contact is added to a list
  • next action: do an « If / else » step that will check if contact corresponds to a filter. In this filter, you’ll choose the segment that you’ll have created just before

If contact corresponds to the condition, you send the welcome emails, if not, you don’t do anything.

Could this work for you?