Resubscribed contacts

I created an automation to blocklist contacts who asked to unsubscribe. How can I create automation for users who ask to resubscribe in the newsletter subscription form on my website? I know it’s impossible to affect the contact subscription status with attributes, so what can I do to automate resubscription?

someone can help here?

Hi @Nataf , thanks for posting on this community!

About the blocklisting part: it should be automatic, I mean: you can add a link at the bottom of your newsletter to let your contacts get unsubscribed if they want to. You don’t need an automation for that, do you?

About the resubscription part, my two cents is to create an automation like this:

  • you create a link called let’s say « Resubscribe »
  • you take the click on this link as the starting point of the automation
  • as an action, you change the subscription attribute of this contact
    => would that work?

Hey, thanks for the response!
I meant the section below the attributes and the automation only works for the blocklist action. for some reason there’s no option to do the opposite action.

Same question here.

We tested 1. unsubscribe and 2. profile update forms. After clicking the unsubscribe link in the preferences update form, a use can use the back button and submit the preferences update form. This resulted in changed lists whereas the user was still listed as blocked.

We found no link or form option to allow users to re-subscribe.

Shouldn’t a contact that unsubscribed, be able to subscribe again using the subscription form?

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Had a similar thought myself on this.

My solution was to blocklist the contact as normal, but use the API to delete the contact after a pre-determined time. This protects the subscriber from being re-used incorrectly by the system or by fake sign ups, but the system also then purges old subscribers that are blocked allowing re-sign up. This I felt was also good for GDPR as then my contacts don’t have old stale user data hanging around.

As it is unlikely a contact will unsubscribe then quickly re-subscribe this should be workable - but I also have a help page advising that users would need to get in touch if trying to resubscribe quickly.

I also have a separate list of users who failed to complete sign up - these hang around longer as usually means someone tried to mis-use the contact form.