Blocklist and re-subscribing


I’m configuring my Brevo subscription emails and I noticed that once I click unsubscribe, it’s basically impossible to re-subscribe to my list. This is a bit odd, especially if you are in a test-phase and it’s unpractical to use dozens of different email accounts just to fine tune your system.

Additionally, when I try to re-subscribe to my list, your system just ignore the blocklist setting and shows me the Success Message, whereas the subscription email is not sent. This is very confusing for users and I think you should implement a blocklist checker and add a « blocklist » text field to deliver the correct message to re-subscribers.

Is this the current status or I’m missing something?


Hi @Cluster , thanks for posting on this community!

t’s basically impossible to re-subscribe to my list

How are you trying to resubscribe to the list? I’m asking to see if there could be a bug somewhere.

your system just ignore the blocklist setting and shows me the Success Message, whereas the subscription email is not sent

Indeed: you are subscribed to the list, but the automated mail won’t be sent, because indeed the contact is blocklisted. The two actions (adding to a list and sending the email) are not correlated, because they’re not the same one: you could still want this contact to be in a given list, even though she does not want to receive your emails.

Adding @AntoineAuriol in the loop, he might be able to give more details

Hi @ahudavert @AntoineAuriol

I’m using the subscription form I used for the first subscription.

Additionally I noticed right now that after the unsubscription, all the emails from my website sent to the unsubscribed email account are put in the spam folder! I use Brevo as SMTP. This is very odd

Hi, I’m running into the same problem – cannot re-subscribe after unsubscribing for testing purposes. Has there been a solution for this? And generally I’m not comfortable with the idea that once people unsubscribe they don’t have the opportunity to change their mind and resubscribe… I’d appreciate advice, thanks!

Hi, after lot of tests and messaging with the support team, what I understood is that:

  • You have to use two different email senders for transactional and marketing emails
  • You have to consider as marketing emails the newsletter but also all the subscribe/unsubscribe emails you send to your users
  • You have to create your own Subscription, Un-subscription and Update Profile forms
  • The confirmation emails must be sent using the Settings of your Subscription Form
  • The Unsubscribe link in your footer must redirect to your Un-Subscription form

I’m still testing my system but currently it seems to work fine. Maybe @ahudavert @AntoineAuriol can confirm these suggestions?


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P.S. when you unsubscribe from your list, the unsubscribed email can appear as « blocklisted » even if it’s basically only unsubscribed. It can be a bit confusing so I suggest to have a look at your Logs in the Transactional section to be sure that it has not been blocklisted for receiving your transactional emails.

Thanks @Cluster for sharing here your findings!