HELP : How to remove a blocklist

Hi @ahudavert @AntoineAuriol

I need to remove a blocklist on my Gmail account I used to do some test in Brevo. I used this email account to subscribe and then unsubscribe to my testing-list and since I clicked the button « unsubscribe », my Gmail account cannot receive any email from my website. I’m using Brevo as SMTP, perfectly verified.

The attached screenshot shows what’s happening. If I try to place an order on my website (but also if I try to recover the password), your system sends the email but it’s automatically BLOCKED. Your website says that this is happening because the email address is blocklisted. This is the admin email of my website and I absolutely need to remove this blocklist.

Please tell me how to


Hi @Cluster ,

On this article:

you’ll see how to change the status of a contact, in your case how to mark it as subscribed again.