How to unsubscribe from a SPECIFIC LIST and NOT ALL LISTS (or be BLOCKLISTED)

Hi folks,

I have a situation where I am running 2 brands (2 x web domains) on one Brevo account. My issue is this:

If a new subscriber joins LIST A (domain/website A) and also join LIST B (domain B) and then they subsequently unsubscribe in a marketing campaign email from LIST A, they will also be automatically removed from LIST B.

Chatgpt suggested the following:

Create a link: https://[mydomain][list id number] (for specific list eg LIST A for COMPANY A).

It seemed like a good idea but it doesn’t work. It just opens a blank web page when clicking on unsubscribe and it does not remove the contact from the specified list. It simply blocklists them.

It’s important to know that I cannot combine these lists to join or not join in a preferences page as the person does not know that the 2 companies in this example are on the same CRM.

What I want to achieve is this:

If they choose to opt out from emails from domain A, they should still be able to receive emails from domain B.

So what would the process flow look like for removing them from specific lists rather than one single global list?

If I can only manage one domain and the contact is blocked listed when unsubscribing gtom any campaign and not list specific removal then it’s a deal breaker for me (have to go back to active campaign).

I’vr broached this with support but their answers are the same as what we can read on brevo’s help…no workarounds provided.

Hope you can help

Hi @SDAHELP , thanks for posting on this community!

I perfectly get your use case. Indeed, on Brevo, when you unsubscribe from email marketing, you get unsubscribed for all marketing communications.

What you would need, I guess, is a way to let your users manage their subscriptions. I don’t think they should have access to your lists’ names, but they should be able to subscribe to one or the other of your communications.

For the moment the way to do it would be via API I think: if user unchecks one of his choices, then you should remove them from a given list