custom products based on interests (ecommerce)

I would like to create an email campaign which, in addition to the information common to all recipients, contains the latest products viewed, or products added to the cart but not purchased. In short, I would like to enrich the email with a personalized proposal of e-commerce products based on interests.

If there is no data available on the user I will insert the products I selected

Hi @a.furi , thanks for posting on this community!

I don’t think this is possible yet, unfortunately. I clearly see the need though, so I’ll share this information internally.

@a.furi I confirm two things:

  • this is not available yet
  • but this is a need that is clearly identified, and we are already working on it. It’s a bit early for us to give you a timeline, but this is one of our priorities :+1:

Hi @ahudavert
thanks for your interest.
This feature is very important!