Data protection

Good morning

I would like to know if Brevo complies with the corresponding regulations for data protection.

We belong to Spain and we know that we must comply with a series of requirements. I wanted to know if there are other companies in Spain, have correctly used the tool in compliance with the law.

Hi, Brevo is following the regulation. So for Spain, I’m not an expert of all the regional specificities but I guess the EU policy is applying. And as we’re having dozens of thousands of customers in Spain, I imagine everything is going fine.

Are there any Spanish customers here who can help?

Hi there, we have just signed up for the free transactional email service. Could you confirm if you will share our customer’s data or not? In your privacy policy it mentions that you share customer data with 3rd party companies. But this would go against our GDPD policy as we do not share customer data.

I just wasn’t sure if your policy was talking about customer data going through the email service or if it was referring to me as a viewer on your website?


We would like to be able to communicate with brevo via email because we would like to know a couple of things to know if we are in compliance. My email is.

@jrivm best way to do this is to write to our support team, who will pleased to assist you and answer specific questions related to your use of Brevo.

Their email is

Hi @acwales , no we do not. We only share personal data with the list of subprocessors identified and disclosed in annex of our DPA here : Brevo Terms of Service