DNS Records not authenticating and DMARC mismatch with Proton mail

Hi I am having problems with the Brevo Code, DKIM and DMARC records.

First - I’ve added the Brevo Code and DKIM records but Brevo still has an ‹ x › with value mismatch. I’ve double checked with my domain host and the txt records are there and values are correct? (Added a week ago)

Second - Proton mail also requires DMARC records that have different values to Brevo (v=DMARC1; p=quarantine) and I discovered that I can’t add two different DMARC records.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @Garden , thanks for posting on this community!

About your first question: can please write to the support team (contact@brevo.com) and tell them which domain you’re using? They’ll be able to investigate.

Second question:

  • mail specifications (not linked to Brevo, but general mail specifications) require to have one DMARC record only
  • it is not compulsory to use the DMARC record we’re proposing by default. As you long as you have one, it’s ok. The choice is entirely yours, so you can choose to use p=quarantine on your domain if you wish, it’s a setting on your domain side

Does this help?