Domain Authentication Failed - Underscore not allowed in DNS record names


I am trying to authenticate my domain in Brevo. But my hosting service does not allow underscores for DNS TXT record names. So I cannot add mail._domainkey and _dmarc. As for the Brevo code TXT record, my hosting service didn’t allow @ sign. For that, I just put my domain name, and it worked. I tried to add the domain name for DKIM record and DMARC record names but it didn’t work. Please help!


Hi @gtba , thanks for posting on this community!

Could you please tell us which hosting service you’re using?


Hi @ahudavert

My domain is registered at but my website is hosted in Hostinger. I managed to get it working by pointing the DNS to the Hostinger nameservers and adding the TXT records there. Hostinger allows underscores.


Hi @gtba , ok great to read that it worked in the end, thanks for posting your solution here :+1: