DNS TXT record @ not accepted

I’m trying to setup the DNS entries, which works but one:


My DNS provider (digicert/dns made easy) doesn’t accept this character for a TXT entry.

Which seems to be best practice, because it’s confusing and non-standard. While technically valid, using @ is unconventional and might lead to confusion or compatibility issues with some tools or services that expect a specific domain name (e.g., _acme-challenge.yourdomain.com ) for specific purposes like domain verification. The @ symbol is often used internally within DNS tools and configurations, so using it as a record name could potentially conflict with existing setups. It’s generally recommended to avoid using @ and instead use a specific domain name or subdomain name for your TXT record. This ensures clarity, avoids potential conflicts, and adheres to common practices.

What can I do?

Hi @robert_muench , thanks for posting on this community!

I checked, what you can do:

  • either you don’t put anything
  • or you put your full domain name: either it works like that, or you can add a « . » at the end, like google.fr.

What do you mean by « you don’t put anything »? I just leave the key empty?

Yes that’s it, exactly: you can leave it empty :+1: