How do you set up DKIM with CNAME instead of deprecated TXT?

The help for authenticating the domain for emails shows how to add DKIM using a TXT entry.

I’ve recently discovered that using TXT for DKIM has been deprecated since 2021, and we should be using CNAME instead.

Indeed, my host creates the DKIM entry for me, and it is created as CNAME, not as TXT.

Unfortunately, to use Brevo, I don’t know what to do. The help shows only how to add a TXT entry for DKIM, but not how to use CNAME.

Could you assist me in understanding what to do, please?

More information:

The TXT entry would look like this:

Value: v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=[redacted];

and Brevo wants me to use something similar, with mail instead of default, and a different value for p.

However, instead of a TXT entry, the CNAME entry looks like this:

Value: default._domainkey_[redacted]

(The two redacted items are very different.)

What should I use for the Brevo entry?

Thank you