Does the email editor support handlebars language

Does your template engine support handlebars templating language that will allow me to show dynamic content? I’m testing very basic handlebars with a free account and am getting an error so I think the template engine doesn’t support the syntax. If so, would it be different with a paid plan?

We have a templating language that allows you to put variables inside your emails, like described here:

It’s not depending on your plan, it’s the same for everyone.

Did I get your question well?

It’s very close to the « Block Visibility » section of the page you shared. For example my code looks like this:
{{ #if track2-name}}


Start date: {{track2-start-date}}

End date: {{track2-end-date}}


However my plan was to have a direct zapier integration that would update the variable tags and the handlebars would read the variable tag data in evaluating if the conditions were true or not true. I think I can accomplish the same thing using the visibility option of your template builder except that I will need to create custom fields for contacts for all of the variable data so that I can use the block visibility option to evaluate the conditions of the variable data. This might be a solution - So my questions are:

Does your template builder have a contact specific preview option? (This would allow me to put it in email address and see how the email template looks for that specific contact)

Is there a limit on the number of custom fields per contact?

Ok I see, thanks.

I will need to create custom fields for contacts for all of the variable data

why would you need custom fields for each variable data? I see another possibility: you could do If/else on params sent, like this:

You don’t need to create a custom field for each data. The only condition for this is to be able to send the variable data from Zapier to Brevo, in the call you’re doing to send the transactional email, but I think (I don’t know, haven’t tested so far) it’s possible, no?