Blank Fields in Transactional Emails with Make Integration

Dear Brevo Community,

I’m reaching out because I’m facing a persistent issue with transactional emails sent through Brevo via Make (Integromat). Despite following the documentation and troubleshooting steps, the emails are arriving with blank fields where dynamic content should be.

Here’s my current setup:

  • Transactional Email Template:** I’ve created a template with placeholders like {{params.customer_first_name}} , {{}} , etc., for dynamic content.
  • Make Scenario: My scenario fetches order data from Shopify and sends it to Brevo using the « Send Transactional Email » module. I’ve double-checked the mapping between Shopify fields and Brevo transactional attributes.
  • Transactional Attributes: I’ve created the necessary transactional attributes in Brevo, ensuring they match the field names from Shopify exactly (case-sensitive).

Despite this, the emails are still arriving with blank fields. I’ve tried:

  • Verifying the Make-Brevo connection and API key.
  • Testing the template with static data, which works fine.
  • Checking the Shopify module configuration in Make to ensure it’s fetching the correct data.
  • Reviewing Brevo’s event logs for any errors.

I’m not sure what else to try. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi @joaquin , thanks for posting on this community!

@Michael-Bastien maybe you know about this topic? thanks!

Hi @ahudavert

Thank you for responding to my post. Hope @Michael-Bastien could help!

Looking forward to any insights or advice you can share on this topic.