DOI confirmation text options?

Is there a way to edit the DOI confirmation message once a user clicks the DOI button? Right now, users are taken to a blank grey web page with the text « Thank you for subscribing! You have subscribed successfully ».

This message is not great and a bit repetitive, but I don’t know if there’s a way to alter this text similar to how you would within the forms?

Hi @rdav , could this article help you?

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Thanks for sharing this resource!

We already have a custom email template in place, however once people click the « Verify your email » button within the email it leads them to the grey page with the message that their subscription was successful. If I change the button link from DOI to URL, for example (to lead them to the site) it doesn’t count as DOI.

I’d love to change the text after they verify through the custom email but not sure if this is possible.

Hi @rdav
If you use an automation to handle your sign ups, you can set the DOI button to an absolute link and route the user to a web page with a pretty message.

The basic process I use is to have a confirmation URL in the form that links to a website and have the form add the user to a list.

An automation is set to fire when the user is added to the list, and this sends out the confirmation email.

The confirmation email has an Absolute URL instead of the DOI link pointing at a welcome page on the site. The automation sits and listens for a click on the DOI email and on receipt it then sorts out the user opt-in status as needed.

If nothing is clicked after a while the system can reset, or you can take other actions like limiting the number of times they can try to sign up, or send out a reminder etc.

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