DOI Not Being Sent By One of Two Identical Popups


I use Elementor Pro and have two ‹ Subscribe › popups; the first is triggered by clicking on a button/link in the site header.
When a potential subscriber does that, Brevo sends a DOI email to the them, they click on ‹ Confirm ›, then their email address is added to my contacts list in Brevo and the subscriber is taken to a landing page.
This popup works as it should.

The other popup is triggered 15 seconds after my homepage has loaded, but if a potential subscriber fills out their details on this one, they don’t receive the DOI email and their name is still added to the contacts list in Brevo, even though they haven’t confirmed.

I’ve compared all the settings between the two popups and I can’t see any differences, apart from the ID names.

I also designed a new ‹ test › popup and published that and I have the same issue.

My head is hurting trying to think how this might happen!
How can a subscriber be added to the Brevo contact list before confirming their email address?!

Has anyone got any ideas?

Hi @jasper , thanks for posting on this community!

Could you please show us screenshots of how you’re setting up the second modale: directly on Elementor, right?
What are the setting differences between the first and the second one?

Hi, @ahudavert

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the popups are designed solely using Elementor Pro.

I opened 2 tabs so I could compare the settings of each popup side-by-side. They look identical, apart from their IDs.
I’ve also downloaded the file of the popup that works correctly, then uploaded it back into Elementor, changed only the ID and display conditions, but the issue is still there.

I don’t think it’s anything I’ve done incorrectly (although I’d be happy to admit it if it was!), because how are a subscriber’s details getting onto my Brevo contact list before they receive a DOI email to confirm those details?

I don’t know now how else I can check for the cause, so any advice you may have would be great!

Thanks! I don’t think it’s related to the design. Have you tried to deactivate the first one, to check if the second one is appearing?

I changed the popup that works to ‹ draft › then tried the other again.

Same issue; the contact details go to ‹ Submissions › in Elementor and the contact list in Brevo, but still no DOI email.

I have to admit, I don’t know what can be happening here. Maybe you can contact Brevo support: ?

Okay, thanks.

Yeah, I posted on Brevo WP Support but haven’t had a response so I’ll try emailing them directly.


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