Import a contact with the same email more than once

Hello! I need help with the following situation:

I have a list of clients who buy many software subscriptions from me which must be renewed on a certain date or they will expire.

A customer may need to renew many licenses in the same month. I need to send my customers an email notification of each renewal (software name, price, date) when the date is approaching or send an email to everyone 30 days before the renewal date.

I tried to import the list of companies with their renewal date, but Brevo prevents the EMAIL field from being repeated more than once, which causes me a big problem.

Please your help,


Hi @Orlandoski , indeed on Brevo the email is a unique identifier of the contact, that’s why. This issue is being discussed here as well: Creating two contacts with same email address

Two ideas, not sure they could work for you:

  • if you add « + » before « @ », to get unique email addresses, like, could it work for you? I understand it’s not a long term solution, but maybe could it fit your need?

  • could you have different attributes, for each subscription date: « Subscription 1 », « Subscription 2 », etc Again, I understand it is not an ideal solution, but could it be a valid workaround?

Hello! thanks for your answer. Indeed I can add a random email to each contact, but can I then use another custom email field like « NOTIFICATION_EMAIL » to send emails? Or does Brevo always use the « EMAIL » field by default to send emails?

Yes, Brevo will use the EMAIL field indeed

I just read the post you posted about creating two contacts with the same email, but it’s not going to work. We have more than 4 thousand different products and we cannot create 4 thousand lists and add a customer to each of them. Brevo works well, it is intuitive, which is why the company was inclined to use it and pay for a subscription. The ideal is to allow us to do a massive upload of contacts, it does not matter if the email is repeated in more than one contact. We should be able to decide this. Any other workaround @ahudavert ?

@ahudavert please your help

Looking for another way, I was checking the Deals panel. Since it is possible to add more than one opportunity with the same client, I can use this to create an automation, that when the closing date of an opportunity is close (30,15, or 10 days before closing) Brevo sends it an email to my client as a reminder?

Yes you can indeed @Orlandoski ! Are you able to check the closing date of an opportunity inside the automation, or not yet?
Adding @boris.rieunier here as well :slight_smile:


Using opportunities would be a potential workaround but unfortunately you cannot trigger an automation based on deals attributes for now.

What can be done I believe is creating deals and then through the API filtering on deals that have an upcoming renewal date to then use transactional emails.

Looping in @AntoineAuriol on this topic as I believe he might potentially have insights for us regarding future improvements on that regard at Brevo.