Creating two contacts with same email address

Hello, we need to create two contacts that have the same email address, but belong to different lists. How can I do that?

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Hi @Campy , thanks for posting on this community!

I am thinking of a potential solution: why don’t you create only one contact, but that you add to two different lists?

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Hello @ahudavert, sorry for the late reply. In our case we are looking for a CRM-Tool with email-functionality and we have several contacts we work with that can be reached only via a single email address - but the topic we address are different for different people. Now if we want to call them, we want to talk the person who is in charge even though within their group they are sharing the same email address. In addition we have cases, where we do not have the direct phone number for each individual but only the switchboard. Again for us it is perfectly ok to call he switchboard and then ask for the person in charge. Hence I need to have 2 different contacts who may have same email address and phone number (switchboard). I am afraid Brevo might not be the tool for us at the moment as it looks like. Thanks for taking the time anyway to think about a solution. Best, Campy

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Apologies to overload thread, and happy to create a new one.

Is it possible to disable removal of duplicate email addresses while importing contacts? I see this post, but it really just works around the limitation by adding more attributes to track various other records that share the same email address.

Currently, I map to standard EMAIL attribute and open to adding workarounds like creating a custom MYEMAIL attribute (unless there are other downsides later on by doing so)