More than one contact entry, same email address

Sort of. Sometimes we send particular teams grand finals info specific to a single competition, or we might want to send all basketball players some specific basketball info, or we might have a team captain who runs 3-4 teams and want to send them the season payment info and cost for each team. When we download the comp software csv file with all teams and players, the attributes update only for the most recent team info.

A list for each team would be tough, we’ve got 700+ teams. But you did give me a possible idea, which maybe you could give feedback on or offer an easier option!

I could create multiple attribute fields for people in more than one team - TEAM1, TEAM2, TEAM3 and SPORT1, SPORT2, SPORT3 etc. I could use excel duplicate finder to seperate the duplicates from the comp software list database and manually add anyones second/third team info to the other fields. The downslide of this would be spending a lot of time maintaining a second database outside Brevo which seems like we are not making the most of what Brevo does.