More than one contact entry, same email address

Hello! I use Brevo to manage social sport players, and many of them play in multiple teams in diffferent sports which causes problems for the {SPORT} & {TEAM_NAME} attributes I use as the content is only the most recent team they’ve been added to. I understand I can’t have one email address used in more than one contact, but I wondered if anyone had a potential work-around idea to the problem?
Many thanks in advance for any ideas!

Hi @JFBCIS , thanks for posting on this community!

Before I give you my idea, one question: on which frequency do people change teams: could they be in team 1 today, and in team 2 in one month, or it’s more that they say today they belong to team 1 and today as well they say that they belong to team 2?

Thanks for the reply, and great question!

Theoretically, anyone could join/leave a team at any time, but the major times we need to update players/team captains is at the start & end of a season - seasons are about 15 weeks. We’ve got about 4000 players all together to manage, but the number in multiple teams would be only 20%ish of that.

It wouldn’t be a big issue if we didn’t update the contact details immediately either, we could do one 2/3 times during a season and that would help massively.

Players who are team captains are probably the most important and if it was easier we could just do a fix for those which would bring the number of contacts to manage down to 700ish.

Thanks for your reply!

And I guess your goal is to send a campaign to all players, and in the email template that you’ll send you want each contact to receive the corresponding SPORT and TEAM_NAME they belong to, right? If they belong to two teams will they receive one email with the two teams’ names they belong to, or two emails?

I’m asking because I have the following idea, but tell me if it can work for you:

  • you create a list for each team
  • 2/3 times per year, you update who belongs to which list
  • then you create an email template, with « if » conditions: if player belongs to team 1, she’ll see « team 1 » in the template, if she belongs to team 2, she’ll see « team 2 », etc etc

This solution of course depends on the number of teams there are: if there are a lot, then you would need a lot of « if » conditions.

The other option would be to create an email template for each team, but in this case you could need quite a few templates. What do you think?

Sort of. Sometimes we send particular teams grand finals info specific to a single competition, or we might want to send all basketball players some specific basketball info, or we might have a team captain who runs 3-4 teams and want to send them the season payment info and cost for each team. When we download the comp software csv file with all teams and players, the attributes update only for the most recent team info.

A list for each team would be tough, we’ve got 700+ teams. But you did give me a possible idea, which maybe you could give feedback on or offer an easier option!

I could create multiple attribute fields for people in more than one team - TEAM1, TEAM2, TEAM3 and SPORT1, SPORT2, SPORT3 etc. I could use excel duplicate finder to seperate the duplicates from the comp software list database and manually add anyones second/third team info to the other fields. The downslide of this would be spending a lot of time maintaining a second database outside Brevo which seems like we are not making the most of what Brevo does.

Indeed, that could work!

And in the email template, how would you do to take into account the possibility to have multiple teams?