List creation, email address limitation

Good day,
I’ve been using Brevo to record my sales with a dedicated list. Every time a customer buys a product, we thank them for the purchase sending them an automatic email. However, the limit occurs when a customer belong to several list or buys several times as we can not insert the same contact multiple time because the email has to be used only once. Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

Let’s say tha customer Jimmy buys the car serial number 12, we insert Jimmy in the list and automatic email gets sent to Jimmy to thanks him. Then, one month later, Jimmy gets back and what to buy another car, this time serial number 34. I can not re insert Jimmy a second time due Jimmy being already in the sistem. Basically, in our list/database, the key data is the serial number of the car, no the email.

Hi @Nic , thanks for posting on this community!

There could be a solution if you used our segments, but before I try to give you a solution, one question: how are you following the purchase event?

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HI @ahudavert , thanks for getting back to me.
the purchase event is actually external to brevo. we receive a pdf confirmation by email from our dealers, from there we record the sales to the final custumer on a excell database that we’re now trying to bring into brevo. having the list of the machines sold on a brevo list will give us the flexibility to produce some automations, like welcome email, or service remider emails.

thanks again @ahudavert. Here if any further informaiton is required.


Hi @Nic , here is my idea:

  • you add an attribute in your contact database called « Date of purchase », in which, when you’ll import your contacts, you’ll put the date of the last purchase

  • then you create a segment called let’s say « Last purchases »: choose the contacts whose date of purchase was one day ago

  • and then you create an automation based on this segment. I answered to something similar here: How to set up simple recurring email to my team? - #3 par ahudavert

Can you take a look and tell me if this could work for you as well?