Best way to handle 100's of lists/segments

We are trying to implement our marketing system and work in apartment sales, we have hundreds of buildings that our contacts own/reside in and we often send targeted bulks to specific buildings. We see there is a limit of 300 lists per account, so our initial idea of a list per building wouldn’t suffice. We then thought having a segment for each building could work as we could just put the buildings a contact owns in into a custom field on the contact and build the segments to isolate each specific buildings owners. The issue we see with this is segments all need to be created manually, not ideal for the volume we are planning on having and the fact we add new buildings all the time.

Curious to what the community has used/would use to achieve our goal.


Hi @tomhartley , thanks for posting on this community!

I see your use case. An idea: have you tried to reach out to Brevo support to know if, by any chance, this limit in the number of lists could be overwritten on a case by case basis?

I hadnt contacted support yet as I don’t expect them to be able to remove a limit but I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

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