Not all my valid contacts are queued up to receive my emails

Hi. I am new to Brevo and just starting my business. I am on the free plan and understand that I can only send 300 mails per day and simply need to requeue to send to the next 300, and so on. That worked on my first email.

I no am sending my second bulk email but it will only send out to about 483 contacts and not the 2000 I have in my database (less the blocklisted ones)


The attached image shows that 290 mails went out which is 60,04% so 100% is 483. Why has my valid list been cut like this.

Like I said, I am new and need to build a bit of a business before I can upgrade.

I will appreciate any assistance / help

Hi @kendall.williams1611 , thanks for posting on this community!

Could you please contact our support team to ask them to dig deeper? Their address is

As well, if there are findings that other community members could be interested in, could you please post them here?