Will the campaign complete automatically?

Hi there,
Brand new to Brevo, so signed up for a free account to see if it’s going to do what my client wants from it.
I imported his 612 contacts and created a campaign.
I know the free account is limited to 300 a day, so will it send the first 300 automatically, and then another 300 on day two and finally the remaining 12 on day 3?
If not, and I have to do it manually, will i know which ones the email has been sent to and just select the ones it hasn’t?
I thought about creating lists with 100 in each and doing them manually each day, although it seems to import all of them in one list, instead of 100 in each for some reason.

Hi @MrKemble , thanks for posting on this community!

I think this thread will provide you with some elements: Number of transactional emails sent or left - #2 par ahudavert

Tell us if this helps!

Hi @ahudavert thank you for replying so quickly!
The requeue feature is excellent, although I feel the need for my client to sign up to this real soon!