Email marketing

I need to create more attractive marketing emails that make leads open the emails and read until the end, what tools do you use to create the Campaign design

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Hi Fernando, thanks for your message!

What do you mean exactly: are you looking for external tools to create a campaign design?

On Brevo we are proposing a template library, where you can choose the most relevant one for you, and with our editor you can create custom emails.

Keep in mind as well that the subject of your campaign is decisive in order to reach high open rates. You can A/B test them on Brevo to find the best one.

hi Fernando. While I love the templates available in Brevo, one of the reasons I LOVE Brevo is that you can bring your own code and paste it in. I build all of my emails in BeeFree and then simply paste the code in Brevo. My emails look flawless. You can even add the unsubscribe code. You don’t need to know one thing about HTML code. They have a free plan I believe. Good luck!