Embed code doesn't work

I’m trying to embed my podcast episode in my newsletter using the bock .
The code is in « iframe ».

The error message I receive is: Most email providers do not support iframes. To ensure your HTML message displays correctly, remove the iframe tag.
I don’t know how to do this and I can’t find a solution online.

Someone can help me ?

P.S afterwards, if there is another option to add an audio file in the newsletter (and not as an attachment), that’s fine with me too.

Hi @kostasaspiotis , thanks for your post!

Indeed, I would not advise to use an iframe, because it’s not very well supported. So I would go for the other option. But I don’t see another option than sending it as an attachment

Hi @kostasaspiotis ,
I’m curious which podcast player would you like to embed specifically?
Personally i like to consume podcasts on youtube as well. Could this be an option for you to host the Podcast as a video and use the video block to include it in your newsletter?

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