HTML youtube vid not showing in emails

Wanted to know how to add a youtube video in email campaigns, I went to the youtube link, clicked Share- Embed copied the whole code and tried to add it on the html portion, I know Brevo doesn’t support iframe so I took out the iframe in the first part shows in the draft of the video but doesn’t show in the test email. Can someone teach me how to insert a youtube video into Brevo’s email campaign? Will attach the embeded html code below.

Hi @Fossa , thanks for posting on this community!

Indeed, I think the iframe option won’t work.

Besides that, there are other options. I think this help article could be useful to you:

What do you think!

Yes, definetly is an option, for sure I know the video can be linked however it is an extra step for recievers to click on, wondering if there’s any ways to convert the code so it visible or youtube videos won’t work? Want to embed the video.

Ok I see.
I checked quickly, and found this thread: Embed code doesn't work

I confirm iframes don’t work well in emails, so the best way to go could be:

  • add a screenshot of your video in your email template
  • make it clickable
  • on click, redirect the user to the video URL

Could that work?