Global Search tool

I was wondering, but i couldn’t find a SEARCH, it is me or is not (yet) developed it?
A global search is extremely beneficial to find out what are you looking for as 1 person or 1 company or anything related to them.
I suppose you guy have it in plan - or please show me if I haven’t been able to see it-

Hi @antoniospecchia , thanks for posting on this community, and thanks for this idea!

Basically, you’d like to be able to click « Search » on Brevo, so that it looks into all your contacts, templates, etc? What is the most frequent use case for you?

Brevo isn’t born as a Sales Management CRM. Let’s imagine it: you have companies and contacts in deals along the sales process.
You may want to find out a contact to create a deal or a task or anything that matters along the relationship with that contact.
How do you find that person?

I see what you mean and what you need.
Basically, what you would like to have is the same as this search box, but more accessible / accessible on all pages, right?

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