Pitch deck / proposal by platform features and use cases

Hi everyone, we are starting new service line to our clients for CRM suite with Brevo. Wondering if there is any introduction deck or proposal slide that highlights the platform features and use cases that the community or product team don’t mind sharing? Thank you in advance.

Hi @bespokedigital , thanks for posting on this community!

Do you mean that you want to focus on the CRM features specifically? I’m asking because our platform is globally described as a « CRM suite », so I was wondering what part of the product you were particularly interested in.

Hi @ahudavert! I am looking for agency pitch proposal for the whole Brevo platform to my potential client. Priority as below:

  1. Centralised contact across channels (google ad, fb ad, website form,etc.) - including features such as create task, add note, assign to agent, etc.
  2. Deals pipeline - to highlight that tracking deal pipeline can help better analyse and optimise ad performance by better understanding lead quality.
  3. Automations - auto lead assignment to agent, auto categorising audience list, auto send follow up email, etc.
  4. Conversations - integrate all mediums to single platform

Basically I was asking if there is any official pitch proposal deck that we can use for our pitching purpose. I am planning to sell Brevo platform more towards centralised contact and automation, less focus on email marketing only.

Thanks for your response. Crystal clear.
I’ve forwarded your question to our marketing team, they will write to you shortly :+1: