Create Products + Quantity and Price without ecommerce Plugin

I wanted to ask about adding the products I sell into Brevo CRM.

I noticed there isn’t a built-in option for that, except if I were to use an ecommerce platform like the one mentioned in this article: [link to article].

Currently, for each new opportunity, I find myself importing a Word file containing the commercial proposal (invoice) into Brevo. This process has become time-consuming and somewhat monotonous.

I’m not running an ecommerce site, but having my products listed with quantities and prices in the CRM would be super helpful.

So, my question is: Can you add this feature?

Having product details, quantities, and prices integrated would make it much easier for me to create proposals and manage invoices within Brevo. It’d be a big boost for my workflow!

Thanks a bunch for your help!

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Hi @Bruno , thanks for posting on this community!

I’m adding @boris.rieunier for the topic around CRM.

About selling products and getting paid: did you know Brevo had a payment solution? Could you be interested in it?

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