Giveaway / competition contact sign ups

I’m brand new to using Brevo so please bear with me if this is a silly question.

I plan to host a giveaway and the entry mechanic is to sign up to our database. What is the best way of filtering the sign ups from those entering the giveaway versus those who sign up directly from the standard sign up form on my website? Is there an automation to be made to send those people into their own list so I’m able to select a winner?

Thank you!

Hi @LF2024 , thanks for posting on this community!

When you create your forms, you can setup to which list the subscribers will be added, so if you choose two different lists for the two different forms, you should be fine.

Does this help?

Thanks, that makes sense.

I’m UK-based and I’m mindful that I must take GDPR compliance into account.

Is there a way of creating a form that allows people to enter a giveaway to win a prize but not necessarily enter into our database?

I’m not sure I get it: you would need their emails, so you don’t have any other choices than adding them to your database, would you?