CRM Suggestion: Add ability to assign contacts to companies with no email

As part of sales activity, I want to be able to assign a new contact to a company. Specially ones that I’ve been in contact with but don’t have any emails, or in this example, uses the same email as the primary assigned contact. For CRM purposes, restricting contacts having separate emails or no emails is not helpful.

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Maybe @boris.rieunier you know a bit about this?

Hello @monocat thanks for this input.

Indeed it is not possible today to create a contact without an email or a phone number. I understand how it could pose a problem for you when creating leads you want to prospect. Its something we will take under consideration for future improvements.


Thank you. Please do since it is a standard function in legacy CRMs. Right now, I’m using fake email convention to add such prospects since I need to record my interaction history with them.