How to assign a user in Conversation to an existing contact

As entered in subject field: How do I assign a user in Conversations to an existing contact?

I noticed when clicking Open contact page, it creates a new account even though the same contact exist. How to avoid duplicates? I’m on the free plan. Is it available in the Pro plan?

Bump. Anyone? cc @ahudavert

Hello @monocat, sorry for the late reply. In order to link a visitor to an existing contact you need to update the email or phone number field with the same info as the existing contact. They will be merged then.

Thanks @qlambert That did it. Although, it would be nice to add search option in the panel to avoid having to find an email or phone number associated to a contact. In my first example, I had to go to search for the company, then click the assigned contact, copy and paste the email. Little cumbersome.

Btw- do you have a better place to submit suggestion. See my comment in Product Suggestions and Improvements - #9 par monocat

Also another suggestion that I had posted: CRM Suggestion: Add ability to assign contacts to companies with no email

Thank you for your feedback and explanation.

So far our feedback tool is internal only and anything discussed here (like this thread) or elsewhere is added to it and tracked by ourselves.
Since we haven’t discussed making it public, you can continue to share your feedback here, it’s the right pace.
cc @ahudavert about feedback management :wink:

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