Insert the contact form in a chatbox scenario?

Is there a way to create a chatbox scenario in which I can insert a form field to request the visitor’s email address?

I can ask them to « Enter your email address below », but it would be much cleaner to be able to insert a form field.

Hi @rockhead , thanks for posting on this community!

Maybe @qlambert can tell you more?

Hello @rockhead, unfortunately today we cannot embed a form field in a chatbot scenario but we have some requests about it, I will add yours to our list as we are going to rework our automation functionality this year .
In the meantime, you can use the contact form, it will appear after the scenario and gather the contact’s information, directly synchronized with your contact database.

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Thanks for letting me know about that, I’ll try to figure out a way to set it up as you suggested without it seeming like too much hassle for the user.

Would LOVE this functionality in the future if you guys work on it! Thanks.

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