Existing account cannot submit form?

Hi everyone! We’re going to run a Lead Generation campaign on our socials and along with this we want a form on our website to capture interest from the visitors. We want to collect name, email and phone number.

I created the form (and connected it to a new, blank list), embedded it into our site and then tested it. The problem is that when an existing customer wants to subscribe to this campaign, an error message is displayed:

Your subscription could not be saved. Please try again. Phone number is already linked to an existing account.

Does anyone have any idea how can this be resolved (while collecting both email and phone) and have existing customers complete the form too?

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Hi @charlie_s , thanks for posting here.

So you mean the problem is for existing customers only, right? A new contact can be registered, right? @Mohit maybe you have an idea about it?

@ahudavert new customers can register without any problems.

Only existing customers (on another list) are unable to submit forms (that are connected to a different list).

ok thanks for the details Charlie. I hope @Mohit will be able to help us on this topic :slight_smile:

@charlie_s To understand your needs better, I have a question.

When existing subscribers want to subscribe to this new campaign do you prefer to just add them to the new list or do you also prefer to update the information for existing contacts?

Hi @Mohit, good question - BOTH! Pretty much the same as your Facebook Lead Ads integration: when a customer provides their details via a lead ad, their details are added to a specific list but also updated if they already exists (for example, re-subscribe or add their phone number if we didn’t have that before).

Okay good thanks for the information. I take a note of this request. We may not address it immediately but I will surely send an update to you once we have this option in forms.

Thank you! Is there a roadmap/change log for Brevo that is publicly available?

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What is the current flow for this? What I have seen is that it updates the contact based on the new form submission. Is there some other outcome that I am unaware of? I tested this a few times.

Yes it updates the contact information based on new submission. But we would have to plan to do new development in case you want to add an existing contact to a new list. This is right now not possible.

So you’re telling me that if one of my existing contacts signs up (a 2nd time) for a different one of my forms, they will not be added to a new list attached to that form or automation? This can’t be right. This is a huge flaw. Why not?

Let’s say you sell 10 products. One way to find out if people are interested in other products is that they would fill out a form of interest on other products. You’re telling me that this is not possible? I can’t get my head around this.

I hope this is just a misunderstanding of the question. For an app that has been around as long as Brevo has, this just doesn’t seem correct.

Another way to do this would be by tagging people but I have not seen any tagging capabilities in Brevo. Would love to see this.

Thank you.

I think we have a miscommunication because I tested this again tonight and I was able to add myself to a list through a form and I’m already on several lists. This is my personal email that I used to test things. :man_shrugging:t3: