Existing customer base - how to get opt in?


My client has an existing list of emails of customers collected over the years. We would like to create an opt-in campaign to ask their consent to receive marketing emails. What is the best way to do that without the account being blocked because we might have high unsubscribe rate ?


Hi @VD27 ,

Good question! If you send emails to people you don’t know if they’ll want to unsubscribe or not, you’re exposing yourself to high unsubscription rates indeed, which is never a good idea.

So I would say you would need to, as much as possible, clean your database before you send any emails.
There are a few things you can do:

  • remove the emails that are invalid, for exemple the ones with a type, eg gmai.com instead of gmail.com
  • remove the old ones, I would say at least the ones that are more than a few months or one year old