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Hi there,

I want to ask contacts that haven’t opened our emails over a significant timespan to take action if they still want to receive our updates; contacts that don’t confirm would be removed from the database.
What is the best way to do this in Brevo?

Thank you

Hi @davide.a , thanks for posting on this community!

If you go on this page: Brevo you’ll be able to click on « Create a segment ».

Then you’ll be proposed to choose a pre-defined segment. In your case, you might be interested by the « Inactive email subscribers » one.

Click on it: there you’ll see all the contacts who haven’t opened any emails in the last 180 days. If you wish to change or customise this predefined setting, you can.

Once you save this segment, you’ll be able to send a campaign to it, to ask these contacts to confirm they still want to receive your communications.

Does this reply to your question?

Thanks for your kind reply!

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