How do I delete campaign when it is done

It ought to be very simple to delete a campaign when you no longer want it.
Why is there no option to do so???

Hi @yr2yr , thanks for posting on this community!

You have an option to archive the campaign, could that fit your need?

I have been using archive, but it seems totally ridiculous that there is no delete option for old campaigns. I, for one, simply have no use for those that have already run. At least I should have an option to clear up all the clutter.
I like to keep things as neat and clear as possible.
This seems so simple. I just don’t understand the logic of not having a delete option???


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maybe @Mohit you know more than I do about it?

I agree - came across this post and also looking at how to delete old campaigns.

I presume this is to do with tracking of the emails to ensure the tracking links remain live?

I’m using API to create weekly newsletters so using campaigns to allow Brevo to manage the lists, but the content is dynamic based on data posted on the website (news, results and events). Generates around 20 campaigns per week for the different data sets. I use the API to archive them after 30 days to keep the main list tidy, but once sent I have no use for the archives as the data is only really valid for a week or 2.

I understand the need to protect active campaigns from accidental deletion, but what about allowing the API/Web to delete archived campaigns? This is then both a 2-step process to ensure accidental deletion protection, and logically archived data is not really relevant any more.

Or by age perhaps - archived and older than a period that the user can set to indicate how long the tracking data is required for the account?

Or how about allowing API to create folders and move archived data into the folders, which is also a bit tidier than a long list of archived data? Aware you can do this from the web but this is then a manual process with no real gain other than tidying up.

I have a monthly newsletter going out every month and I have no idea how to stop it!! No option to delete the email campaign

@digitality thanks for posting on this community!
Could you please provide screenshots? There must be a pause button somewhere

Please see the screenshot: Awesome Screenshot

thanks! If you click on « More » below each campaign name’s you should be able to click on « Delete », like on this screenshot, can you confirm?

Unfortunately Delete is only available while campaign is in Draft status. Once Sent, Suspended or Archived, there is no delete function

I currently have 227 completed campaigns that I tried moving into a folder, but that serves no purpose as the default is to show everything from all folders, so the folders have no real purpose at this point in my case.

I can see the logic behind not allowing deletes, if the emails have links in them as the links would be invalid once deleted, but in my case, and I’m sure others too, the links are only useful for a given amount of time, after which there’s no real need to keep them.

My newsletters only contain the Manage / Unsubscribe / View Online links in the main as most of them are generated data being sent to the parameters for the data that is relevant for this week. Once generated, there’s no need to re-send them as the data is out of scope after a couple of weeks. This will mean a very long list of completed campaigns.

In other cases again once the term of the campaign has ended, there’s no real need to keep them around. Allowing deletion of archived newsletters therefore does have some merit as a function to avoid stale data, cluttered interface, and from Brevo side, less data to hold per client.

Could this be considered as a feature request perhaps?


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I guess @Olivier_Beorchia you’ll be interested in this thread :slight_smile: