How do I disable email tracking in a Campaign?

I want to use Brevo to send an email to about 30 people once per month for a tiny local charity.

Email tracking is entirely unnecessary, and even intrusive for what we do. All that we need to do is to send the emails, and leave it at that.

How can I disable tracking altogether, please? I can’t find a setting to do this.

Maybe @Mohit you know something about it?

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@Paddy Tracking who opened and clicked your email is crucial for gauging your campaign’s success. But if you’re worried about privacy, we got you covered. We offer anonymous email tracking to safeguard your recipients’ data because privacy matters.

Check out this article for more info.

Thank you, @Mohit.

I have already turned on anonymous tracking.

(The following text contains [dot] because the forum won’t allow me to post more than two links.)

I was just wondering, for example, if there’s a link « example[dot]com », your system converts this into a tracking link. So, when the reader hovers their mouse over the link to see where it will take them, instead of seeing, they see a long complicated link going to This frankly looks fishy to the email’s recipient, who was expecting example[dot]com, and I was hoping to stop Brevo from changing the link like that.

I have no problem with the Brevo icon at the bottom of the email to check if the email has been read, even though we would never even look at this.

Thank you

@Paddy Sure, can you open a support ticket to deactivate the tracking links? Our support team will check and let you know if they can disable them for your account.

Thank you, @Mohit . I’ll do that.

Update: Tracking won’t be turned off because, « Link tracking enables us to keep the platform secure and prevent fraudulent sending. »

I don’t know how that works, but I’m happy to take their word for it. We’ll live with it.