Why no custom domain for click tracking?

We just finished migrating to Brevo from Mailjet, and we’re feeling this like may have been a HUGE mistake, because we missed one critical thing from our prototyping and eval: There is NO way to set a custom domain on click tracking!!!

We may need to abandon Brevo and go back to Mailjet. This is very disappointing. :frowning_face:

At the very least, we’d need to be able to DISABLE click tracking, but no, we can’t even do that for transactional emails! Wow.
(see: No Way to Disable by Option tracking in Transactional E-Mail - English / Transactional - Brevo Community )

Why is control over click tracking critical? Because we send sign-in links that have tokens to secure areas with button clicks as transactional email. Users are SAVVY, and they will NOT want to click on something that clearly shows it’s coming from some foreign, funky « …senditb2.com/… » rather than our domain! Not to mention the potential for email clients to strip things out.

Mailjet can do this. Custom domain (track.yourdomain.com). Works great. Or, disable tracking, fine, great.

So, um… Brevo, what gives here?

Hi @dapug , thanks for posting on this community!

About your questions:

  • customizing the tracking domain when using shared IPs: it is unfortunately not possible for the moment
  • disable option tracking in transactional emails: as you’ll see it in the thread you’re quoting, it’s being worked on and should be available in some weeks / months
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Any news when this feature is available?

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Same question, will it be available soon? We will move from Sendgrid to Brevo and discover that this is not available.

To be honest, in my mind it was a standart service that many provders offers, Mailjet, Postmark, Sendgrid, SES, etc.

Is it something that will become available soon?

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@ahudavert any news on this topic ?

When is plan to release the feature to disable tracking on transactional email to avoid having sendintb2.com links ?

This is a blocking point to migrate from Mailjet to Brevo to us :frowning:

Any plan also to allowed custom domain for mailtracking ? Is that possible for dedicated IP ? (A lot of providers supports that already for shared IP ;-))

Thank you and you team for you hard work !