No Way to Disable by Option tracking in Transactional E-Mail

So I just ran into this on transactional emails: Enhancement request - option to disable URL replacement · Issue #115 · sendinblue/APIv3-nodejs-library · GitHub

Seems you can disable URL tracking in CAMPAIGNS but there is no option on SMTP transactional to disable that…that’s crazy a lot of people block tracking links anyhow and not having the option on the transactional side from a simple Wordpress email with a link is a bit crazy. Mailgun does allows me to disable it on transactional sends for sure. This is an OLD issue with you guys from the looks of it too!

I just want links sent from say Wordpress to be the “original” pure link or at least have the option at the API key that is used to have tracking on or off. Seems controlling that on the Key level makes the most sense


Hello there! Technically it is not a problem to disable the tracking. The issue with disabling the tracking is that Brevo will lose monitoring capabilities. (Furthermore it would no longer be possible to provide detailed statistics.)

If the compliance team thinks you are a « trustworthy » client, they should be able to deactivate it for you. This has to be checked on a case per case basis. I would suggest to contact the support for an evaluation of your account, if you need the tracking to be disabled.

Happy sending!

Technically could be an issue if you are replacing Working Universal Links that opens on web AND inside of a specific section of iOS or Android App. When a user clicks on a Universal Link on a desktop computer, will open the website, but when is clicked on a mobile device and the user has the App installed, the Android or iOS device will launch the App and open the correct section inside of the App.

If you replace that Universal for tracking, the users with the App installed will open the website instead… and in many cases the users isn’t logged in on the website, specially if the user is only an App User. Lowering the conversions.

So, you should provide an option to disable tracking… because if i have to choose between Conversions or Tracking… i will choose Conversions for my company all the way. My company can live without some stats, but not without conversions.


I asked this question last month, and I was flat-out told that it won’t be disabled because, « Link tracking enables us to keep the platform secure and prevent fraudulent sending. »

It’s a shame.

If I got it well, this is a topic that’s being worked on. We’ll post an update when we’ll know more about the expected release timeline.

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Hi there,

we’ve got a similar issue where brevo detects a link, that is just a plain text link not an html a-tag.
The user is displayed the correct link as a text, but the corresponding address behind it, which he sees by hovering over it, is encoded and therefore different. This could look like we are trying to trick the user to open a malicious link.

We would still like to track the other links inside of the mail. It would be nice to have an html attribute to disable tracking and therefore encoding of certain links only, like e.g. hotjar uses the data-hj-suppress to scramble text in a recording.

How does brevo detect those plain text links?
Would it be enough to just remove the https:// in front?

We have a lot of institutional customers, usually with spam-policies that borders paranoia, and it seems like all sorts of tracking is triggering the alarms. Hence, it would be great with an option to turn tracking off. Other similar services often have this opportunity so I don’t consider it to be a controversial topic.


Hi, do you have any news on this? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @raplat , I confirm we are working on it. I don’t have any precise ETAs to share yet, but as soon as I have news, people on this thread will be informed!

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Hi @ahudavert, do you think a fix will be released this week?

Hi @kahani , this week I don’t think so, but as far as I know, the feature that we have implemented so far is being tested with some chosen customers, to be sure everything goes well.

I’m closely monitoring the topic internally, and as soon as I know more, I’ll post here, to inform everyone :+1:

Hi @ahudavert, do you have any news? It would be great to know whether this feature is planned for this quarter or not. It effectively is a deal breaker for some customers.

May I know how to disable tracking in campaign emails? I have tried unchecking the Analytics tracking box as well as switched to Anonymous tracking but still our links are not shown as our domain links. We prefer to use our domain links as it is more credible and also give our reader some sense of security when they click it. Thanks!

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@sergey.seleznev let me check and get back to you on this.

@Fippy you can check this thread for more info: How do I disable email tracking in a Campaign?

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@sergey.seleznev we are confident we will have general availability before the quarter ends. I’ll keep you posted as soon as it moves forward


For our application, turning of link tracking for transactional mails is crucial, specially if the Brevo has problems with their ssl-certificates like currently! This means, for the moment users can’t create an account because the email verification link does not work!
@ahudavert I tried contacting customer support, but their not really responsive, better said, they’re not keeping me in the loop and I really need this issue to be fixed!

Problem is with the ssl-certificates for and (possibly others)!

@ahudavert : Could you help me with this issue?

@Moveable sure: we’re currently working on it, we’re aiming to provide a solution before the end of the quarter :+1:

@here: update on this topic, to be sure there are no misunderstandings

In this quarter we’re working on the possibility to anonymise the tracking of the transactional emails.

Disabling tracking is not planned (at least not yet), for security reasons. EDIT: Disabling tracking will be available, upon request and to our Enterprise plans.

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Hi @ahudavert , what does anonymization mean here? If our users click on a link within our transactional emails, let’s say, will they still be redirected to a cryptic address before being redirected to google? As clearly stated by some of the users above, this is the real problem here. Anonymizing the tracking is not what was asked for. Perhaps you can also explain « for security reasons ».