No Way to Disable by Option tracking in Transactional E-Mail

So I just ran into this on transactional emails: Enhancement request - option to disable URL replacement · Issue #115 · sendinblue/APIv3-nodejs-library · GitHub

Seems you can disable URL tracking in CAMPAIGNS but there is no option on SMTP transactional to disable that…that’s crazy a lot of people block tracking links anyhow and not having the option on the transactional side from a simple Wordpress email with a link is a bit crazy. Mailgun does allows me to disable it on transactional sends for sure. This is an OLD issue with you guys from the looks of it too!

I just want links sent from say Wordpress to be the “original” pure link or at least have the option at the API key that is used to have tracking on or off. Seems controlling that on the Key level makes the most sense

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