No Way to Disable by Option tracking in Transactional E-Mail

Another issue with the current tracking of urls in transactional emails for us is that it breaks magic links when there is a registered handler for the url (ie app installed). This means that users that have the app installed can never successfully login because when the app opens, the link is no longer valid as it was already accessed once (I suppose as part of the redirection). The work-around would be to allow magic links to be used more than once, which is not great from a security perspective.

Speaking of « security reasons »:
In Mail-Clients this looks not trustworthy to the recipient, if the « mail-preview » just shows a cryptic-link (like…):
This is the link of the tracking-pixel on transactional mails via SMTP. Is there a way to at least change the position of the pixel in the mail body to remove it from the preview-header (Cerberus/cerberus-responsive.html at main · TedGoas/Cerberus · GitHub)?


I’m also hoping for a policy change here…
I had to sign up for Postmark (link tracking optional), because of this.

I think changing the position to the very bottom is the very least Brevo should do as a short-term part solution of the problem. In combination with No Way to Disable by Option tracking in Transactional E-Mail - #23 par Roman I fear that Brevo is just not the right solution for sending transactional mails.

« Disabling of tracking is not planned. »
This is a deal-breaker for most of our clients, and thus for us.

We’ll stay with Postmark, hoping that they will roll out an EU data residency option anytime soon.

I see your points, to both of you. I agree that some customers may need to disable the email tracking, and this is why Brevo is offering this option, to the Enterprise plans

Any update on how to avoid showing the tracking link in the preview. Looks too much like spam.

Hi everyone, follow up on this topic: